About Roof of the World​

Roof of the World stands at the forefront of empowering Nepal’s enterprises, offering a unique blend of expertise and resources through a collaboration of industry leaders. This innovative program is dedicated to nurturing export-oriented businesses, focusing on sectors like Agriculture, Tourism, and Digital Services, to enhance their global market presence. With a suite of tailored business development services, we provide the tools and guidance necessary for businesses to thrive in competitive international markets. 

Our Mission

As The #1 Nepali International Business Community, we are dedicated to integrating Nepali entrepreneurs into the global market. Our goal for 2030 is to see over 1,000 Nepali entrepreneurs recognized as pivotal contributors to global commerce. We strive to bridge disparities and provide equitable opportunities, creating an environment where Nepali SMEs can flourish internationally.

Our Vision

Roof of the World envisions a future where the entrepreneurial spirit of the Hindukush region shines brightly on the global stage. Our aspiration extends beyond Nepal, aiming to elevate the entire Hindukush region as a hub of innovation, culture, and commerce. We dream of a world where the unique offerings of this region are globally celebrated, empowering every entrepreneur within the Hindukush to thrive beyond borders.

Meet Our Partners


Aadhyanta  accelerates Nepal’s journey towards a thriving middle-income economy through strategic private equity investments. Their mission encompasses facilitating investment access, nurturing enterprises, jointly navigating risks, and providing unwavering growth support


WorldStartup supports purpose-driven innovators in creating impactful ventures. They build inspiring conditions for global sustainable and equitable societies through entrepreneurship, empowering changemakers with access to markets, capital, knowledge, and resources