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Join Roof of the World to transform your SME with expert-led development services and global market opportunities. Embark on a transformative journey with Roof of the World, where Nepal's expert-led business development and progressive enterprises are propelled onto the global stage.

About Roof of The World

Roof of the World is an innovative initiative, a collaboration between Aadhyanta and WorldStartup, designed to uplift Nepal’s SMEs. Our mission is to empower your business, enhancing its position in the global market through comprehensive business development services. With a key focus on Agriculture, Tourism, and Digital Services, we’re here to guide your journey to global success.

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Comprehensive Business Development Services

Tailored services to optimize your business operations and strategies

Global Market Expansion

Expand your business reach and compete internationally

Investment and Funding Opportunities

Connect with investors and explore funding avenues for growth and innovation

Expert Guidance​

Benefit from the expertise of various business development service providers

Networking and Community Support

Engage with a network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts

Efficient Service Sourcing​

Access a wide range of services to meet your specific business needs

Why Business Development

Investment Readiness Program
Business Growth Program​
Export Readiness Program​

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