Roof of the World is a collaborative initiative led by Aadhyanta and WorldStartup, designed to support enterprises in Nepal. While we spearhead the program, a range of business development service providers contribute to offering tailored services. Our program encompasses not just investment and funding opportunities but also prepares businesses to be investment-ready, catering to the diverse needs of enterprises.

Our program is designed for enterprises across various sectors in Nepal, especially those looking to enhance their business operations and expand their reach in the global market. We cater to businesses at different stages, providing customized support to meet their specific needs.

Interested businesses can apply through our website. The process involves a preliminary assessment, followed by an invitation to our open house sessions and a detailed application form. Visit our ‘Join Us’ page for more information.

Our Business Development Program offers a comprehensive range of services including strategy development, operational efficiency enhancement, market positioning, financial planning, and investment readiness. We focus on equipping businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge for sustainable growth and market expansion.

Roof of the World provides a Capacity Gap Analysis and a Business Growth Plan for free to enterprises that meet the requirements of our program. However, we also offer a variety of services that are available at a cost, depending on the specific needs of your enterprise. Our aim is to provide flexible and accessible services to a wide range of businesses.

Our Investment Readiness Program is designed to prepare businesses for securing investment. It includes comprehensive services such as assessment and strategy development, financial planning and management training, pitch coaching, investor networking opportunities, pitch deck building, and preparation of investment documents.

Our Export Readiness Program is designed to assist businesses in entering global markets. It covers market analysis, compliance and regulations navigation, marketing strategies for international audiences, and logistics management.

Yes, our Business Growth Program is specifically designed for early-stage companies, focusing on nurturing and scaling young businesses with mentorship, networking, and strategic guidance.

To attend our open house sessions, simply fill out the application form on our website. Once we receive your application, we will share information about the relevant open house sessions that align with your business needs and interests.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page where you can find our contact details, or feel free to give us a call directly at 9849590899.